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I’m Anas Almarie, and I breathe digital. I enjoy being the Myth-buster of all things hype & fake in digital marketing and social media. 

Today’s business is constantly under pressure to grow. Through organising, analysing, and conducting marketing efforts, my mission ensures that every business will grow and evolve to match SMART digital expectations.

As a practitioner, I understand the common fears: false promises, unsuccessful campaigns, using the wrong technology, and incorrect strategy execution. However, standing out from the competition isn’t impossible. Through consistency, listening to what you have to say and understanding your business and goals, I am able to steadily guide you into growth, market reach, and client acquisition. 

Being an adjunct professor at the University of Dubai, and a Managing Director of Social Station, a leading digital marketing growth agency in Dubai, I enjoy shaking up the common beliefs of digital presence and creating an innovative narration and approach to digital growth. 

My ultimate goal is to help any business mature digitally and face its competitors even if they have the upper hand. I equip teams with digital knowledge, fill the gaps that affect companies’ competency, and achieve desired goals. This is my everyday drive for the future. 

To put it simply, I’ll help you build the digital compass that guides your growth journey.

Anas Almarie
Digital Trainer & Consultant

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My Philosophy

Making an impact on economies by filling businesses digital gaps and busting digital myths


‘’Winners focus on winning, losers focus on others” is a quote that I follow when participating in any competition.

Success is the culmination of hard work and perseverance. It’s an honour to be recognized for that, but it’s even more satisfying to know that we’ve improved as people.


VAC: Voluntary Action Calderdale

The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) is the most diverse and positive driver of social change in the UK today. It is the country’s fourth-largest employer and one of its most powerful economic sectors.
The importance of this Award is about genuine work, community, and the positive change someone is driving in their society.

SCAH: Smart City App Hack

The Smart City App Hack is a first-of-its-kind initiative for smart cities to actively engage their citizen communities in improving the quality of life and the city environment. I’ve been honoured to be awarded through participating in an initiative that helps bring additional applications into the retail industry and encouraging developers to create apps that will have an impact on data-driven smart cities.


By being a judge of business competitions, I’ve been humbled by the immense effort and the passion behind each nomination. It has taught me to be disciplined, and driven by the same fire. The sight of outstanding businesses and organizations and the chance to go through many entries, inspired me to adapt many ideas into my own work, and inspired me to grow as a person, team leader, trainer and business mentor.



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