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It’s not only about being part of an event, rather it’s about the time, research, and effort that goes into preparing for each occasion: the time spent to introduce a knowledge that engages the audience and intrigues them. I find my own dream in the experience I am able to deliver and the diverse people I leave an impact on.

Whether it’s a few minutes long, or an hour, my method, challenge, and goal have always been to quench my audience’s thirst and leave them with a satisfactory answer to their newly-found curiosity.

Keynotes List

Sharjah Int’l Book Fair, Sharjah - UAE
Social Media Governance Summit, Dubai - UAE
CHSA, Dubai - UAE
Middle East Events Show, Dubai - UAE
Digital Marketing Institute
MODUL University, UAE
Lean In - Arabia


‘’Winners focus on winning, losers focus on others” is a quote that I follow when participating in any competition.

Success is the culmination of hard work and perseverance. It’s an honour to be recognized for that, but it’s even more satisfying to know that we’ve improved as people.


VAC: Voluntary Action Calderdale

The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) is the most diverse and positive driver of social change in the UK today. It is the country’s fourth-largest employer and one of its most powerful economic sectors.
The importance of this Award is about genuine work, community, and the positive change someone is driving in their society.

SCAH: Smart City App Hack

The Smart City App Hack is a first-of-its-kind initiative for smart cities to actively engage their citizen communities in improving the quality of life and the city environment. I’ve been honoured to be awarded through participating in an initiative that helps bring additional applications into the retail industry and encouraging developers to create apps that will have an impact on data-driven smart cities.


By being a judge of business competitions, I’ve been humbled by the immense effort and the passion behind each nomination. It has taught me to be disciplined, and driven by the same fire. The sight of outstanding businesses and organizations and the chance to go through many entries, inspired me to adapt many ideas into my own work, and inspired me to grow as a person, team leader, trainer and business mentor.

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Gulf Real Estate Awards


CHSA Award

Gulf Customer Experience Awards

Gulf Sustainability Awards

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