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A Training Process for The Business’s Digital Growth

Online Training

Winners focus on winning, losers focus on others” is a quote that I follow when participating in any competition.

i. Original Programmes

This is a comprehensive digital marketing curriculum that includes several interactive online modules. Each lesson is designed to take you through the concepts of marketing and help you discover how to work with different marketing mediums. You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively promote your business online. You can complete the programme in a time frame suited to your schedule.

ii. Featured

In collaboration with some of the renowned names in the region and globally, I have built a comprehensive digital marketing curriculum that includes several interactive online modules, or has been appointed to lecture and deliver digital marketing training programmes, some of which are certified and internationally recognised.

iii. Training Partner

If you are a training company looking for a bi-lingual trainer Arabic/English based in Dubai to help train your clients and fulfil their digital needs and business growth.


i. Standard Learning

This Off-the-shelf course is designed to help businesses grow through effective digital marketing. Businesses can choose between 1, 2, 3, or 5- day courses, depending on how deep they want to get into marketing. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your basics, or need to build specific skills from scratch, my classes can prepare you for your next marketing adventure.

ii. Bespoke Learning

Bespoke digital marketing courses for businesses are created under the premise that every business has a unique set of needs and challenges. I don’t create a cookie-cutter curriculum, instead, I approach each company with an open mind and develop a framework that caters to your needs by turning them into solutions with interactive workshops, presentations, and resources that you can use immediately to grow your business.

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